Elyse and Jeremy's new
home in San Francisco

Family and Friends –

Hello! Thanks for visiting our wedding website – we are excited about the weekend, and delighted to have each of you with us as we celebrate our union.

We know many of you are making great efforts to join us in Virginia, and that means much to us. We feel blessed to be part of such a supportive community – and, we know it helps that you all love a good party!

In anticipation,
Elyse & Jeremy

A bit about us...

To start at the beginning, we met at a coaching training course on January 2nd, 2004. As fate would have it, we ended up together at a second course a month later. We became great friends and colleagues.

It would take several months and many hints (and even outright interventions) from friends and the universe before either of us realized what was meant to be. For a comic rendering of the story, including the dramatic denouement of How Elyse Finally ‘Got It,’ ask either of us. We love to tell the tale.

We officially got engaged on June 18th, 2005. We wanted to wait a year – it just seemed pragmatic.

However, to the amusement of all, we seemed to be unable to stop ourselves from getting engaged on a fairly regular basis during that first year. Mere months after we started dating, we were swept away by the backdrop of a 14th century castle in the hills of Radicondoli, Italy, where a few days into the trip, our dear hosts Bill and Libbie Reilly began our wedding planning at the breakfast table. Weeks later, we were stirred by the spirit of Elyse’s brother Dante’s wedding, and ‘got engaged’ on the dance floor during the wee hours. (Another comic tale – ask any of Elyse’s uncles for their rendition of Who Started It.)

A bit about the weekend...

It is our intention to create a joyful weekend where family and friends can come together to get to know one another and celebrate. We envision a weekend of simple gatherings, with the focus being on spending good time with one another, rather than the trappings of the events.

For Friday evening, we will be gathering for a dessert and champagne reception hosted by Jeremy’s parents, Sue and Kim Stover, who will be bringing a flavor of Nebraska (where they are from) to the evening. Since most people are family or are traveling (or both!), the Stovers invite all of you to come to be welcomed to the weekend and to begin to know one another.

During the Friday dinner hour, our immediate families will be getting together for an intimate Rehearsal Dinner. We will make group dinner reservations at our favorite area restaurants for others – this will allow you to get to know some other guests if you wish, and will ensure that dinner timing works with the dessert reception. Stay tuned for more details.

We chose Woodgrove Meadows (the Napolitanos’ home) for the wedding day because it is quite beautiful, and it is Elyse’s childhood home. Elyse’s parents, Carole and Stephen, (with great help from friends and family) have spent nearly 30 years renovating this rustic and wonderful 200+ year old stone house. Stephen built the stone walls in the back yard, where we will hold the reception, and is single-handedly responsible for the landscaping; in fact, he built a stone bridge in honor of the wedding that we will all process over during the ceremony. The house and home hold a strong history for Elyse and it is a wonderful gift from her family to be hosting the wedding there.

We hope you will also join us for a light farewell brunch on Sunday, also to be hosted by the Napolitanos at Woodgrove Meadows.